About Us

Wang Electro-Opto Corporation (WEO) is located in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, with modern offices, laboratories, testing, and fabrication facilities.

Company Highlights

Facilities and Equipment

WEO has an indoor anechoic chamber 32' x 18' x 16'(H) in size, which is completely lined with pyramidal absorbers. Presently, our chamber is specifically designed for accurate antenna measurements throughout the microwave frequencies and down to and below 500 MHz. For less critical measurements, data can be taken down to 40 MHz. Test equipment consists of a Wiltron 360B Vector Network Analyzer System (0.04�20 GHz), an Anritsu 37347C Vector Network Analyzer System (0.04�20 GHz), and an Anritsu 2601B Spectrum Analyzer, among others.

The Company also has an optoelectronic laboratory and an RF laboratory. For prototype development and small-scale production of antennas and feed networks, etc., WEO has an in-house machine shop with all necessary tooling, including a mill/drill machine. It also has a printed-circuit board etching facility, a wire-bonding facility, and gold-plating capability, including two printed circuit board prototyping machines (a T-Tech QuickCircuit Model 7000 and an LPKF ProtoMat Model M60) and a West-Bond Model 5700B wire-bonding machine.