A portfolio of 25 fundamental patents

on high-performance ultrawideband antennas and ultrawideband wide-scan phased arrays

Patent #Patent Title
5,313,216Multioctave Microstrip Antenna

5,453,752Compact Broadband Microstrip Antenna

5,589,842Compact Microstrip Antenna with Magnetic Substrate

5,508,710Conformable Multifunction Shared-Aperture Antenna

5,621,422Improved Spiral-Mode Microstrip (SMM) Antennas and Associated Methods for Exciting, Extracting and Multiplexing the Various Spiral Modes

5,936,595Integrated Antenna Phase Shifter

6,020,564Low-Voltage Long-Life Electrostatic MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical Systems) Switches for RF (Radio-Frequency) Applications

6,137,453Broadband Miniaturized Slow-Wave Antenna

6,972,729Broadband/Multi-band Circular Array Antenna

(first three licensed from Georgia Tech Research Corporation)