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Wireless Technology at WEO

Electronically steered software-defined array

Smart antennas for Army wireless networking

The ultrawideband SMM antenna

WEO's patented spiral-mode microstrip (SMM) antenna has broadband (up to 10:1 or more) performance and low-profile (thin disk shape, like the patch antenna), conformability to mounting surface, and high efficiency. It can operate in one or more modes with different radiation patterns as shown below, thus capable of multifunction and polarization and pattern diversity to alleviate multipath fading. Designs can be customized to meet specific applications such as cellular, PCS, SATCOM, or GPS, and any combination thereof.

Low-power personal smart antenna

In the past, smart antennas have been limited to basestation antenna because the cost and power requirements were too high for personal systems. Weo's new smart antenna represents the first practical smart antenna for systems because of its its low cost and low power consumption. The picture at right shows WEO's smart array mounted on a kevlar helmet.

Antenna Radiation Patterns for Various Modes